Sunshine + Me = Bliss

Anything I might write here would be horribly cliched.


So…at what point is it appropriate to ask someone out? Do I have to be head-over-heels in love with them before I ask them out? If I just want to go on dates with them, is that enough justification? Do I have to want to cuddle with them before I ask them out?

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As long as I forget about, oh, 3 minutes of tonight, I can consider it to have been pretty good!

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Sad fact: I’ve had less alcohol now that I’m in college than I had before I got here. Seriously, I haven’t had any alcohol in a good three weeks, and a glass of wine would taste really good right now. With some goat cheese on baguette slices. Or a great golden ale with some homemade pizza.

Anyone want to have a non-party party with me? Trader Jo’s has some good cheap wine; in particular, Sauvignon Blanc, which is to die for with goat cheese, cheddar, crackers, and grapes. I could probably find someone in my house to buy it for us…

I need to find other people who like a bit of alcohol in moderation, with friends and good food. But it seems like people either don’t drink at all, or they get drunk or smashed at parties.

And now it’s time for another episode of - “The Saga of a uChicago Student’s First Year”!!

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**First, I feel I should start with a disclaimer: This tumblr seems to be turning into “The Saga of a uChicago Student’s First Year”. If that happens to interest you, feel free to hit the “read more” in all my posts. If that doesn’t interest you, continue on your merry way!

**Second, an apology is in order for those reading using the tumblr app, as last I checked the read more link didn’t actually hide anything. So my apologies for filling up your dashboard with long text that you may or may not want to read.

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I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing! Yay!

Pink slips etc are the most confusing thing on the civilized planet, and my adviser wasn’t helpful at all…so I’m crossing my fingers that I got into ASL despite my horrible n00bishness.

And that was honestly theworstmath class I’ve ever been in, even having learned the stuff already. If I hadn’t taken calc last year? I’d be screwed! She was explaining things at 2x speed and covered stuff in 1 hour that we took probably a week or two in Miss Gross’s class. (and I know why - quarter system, lecture only 3 times a week - but the explanations weren’t really coherent.) It’s a good thing I’m not in 150, or I’d be screwwwwed. It’s bad enough that I’ve not exactly remembered all the things from last year.

This is certainly an adventure.

Can’t sleep, started watching dil se music videos - OMFG I want to watch that movie again SO bad!!! (satrangi re @ 3:05 = looove. Mmm-mm, must find/make a gif of it.) Also, this is why you don’t drink even a little bit of coffee, even if it’s really good, at like 8 pm. Dumbest idea everrr. (thanks mom & dad. :P)

I feel so so so guilty about going to uChicago, despite my scholarship.

My family is a minority in a town of less than 3000 people; Dad is in an unfulfilling job that keeps our budget tight, and which may or may not be in danger. Mom & Dad feel the effects of small town shunning; neither of they have friends in their peer group to talk to, to empathize with. 

And I’m going to college, where there’s lots of people who I relate to, where I’ll be taking fascinating classes, doing exciting things, and eating a better variety of food - and Mom and Dad are paying the bill, which, though relatively small, is putting so much more pressure and stress on my parents. So many little troubles pop up, each one just another burden and stress for them.

i feel guilty because i know i’m going to miss this town, despite all the bad things about it.

i feel guilty for being *glad* to leave.

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